The Sunflower Field

First of all, this trip definitely almost didn’t happen. I’ve been dying to visit this field for about two years now, but Mercury Retrograde has been out to get me and I don’t appreciate it one bit. Everything that could happen to ruin the trip happened, and by the time I started getting dressed I was over it. I literally had to talk myself into the hour and a half drive in the rain. Equipped with an outdated dying iPhone 6s and a selfie stick I set out on an adventure to Autaugaville, Alabama. Nestled 25 minutes outside of Prattville, Alabama, the farm is owned by Todd & Kim Sheridan and sits on about 32 acres of SUNFLOWERS. As a woman who loves flowers, all I can say is Sunflower Heaven.

Upon arriving at the field, I was greeted by Kim and asked to sign the guest book. They offer cold drinks, tea towels, watermelon, fresh produce, and of course sunflowers. She instructed that I could go out into the field and take as many pictures as I wanted, and when I was ready to snip some babies to take home to return to the tent for cutters. The prettier blooms were located towards the back of the field so that’s where I went first. After wandering around for a little bit, I met two older ladies from Montgomery who insisted on snapping a few pics of me since I was alone. After an impromptu photo shoot, and sweating in places I never knew I could sweat in, I ventured back to the tent to get my cutters and clip some babies to bring back to Title Town.

The address to the field is: 3301 Hwy 14 W, Autaugaville, AL 36003. If you’re planning a visit be prepared for little to no cellular reception because it’s literally in the middle of no where. It’s free to enter the field, but if you’re taking a professional camera for a photo shoot there is a $20 fee. Also, since there’s poor cell reception that means no debit cards, so keep a little cash on you as well. Flowers are $1 a piece, and if you decide to get a bucket for them it’s extra. I took home 5 flowers w/ a bucket so my damage was $7. The bloom is pretty much over for these beauties so I suggest you hurry! The last day to experience the field is Sunday July 21st, 2019 until next year.

With Love,

A Dose of Jasmine

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