Nola, Darling. ❤️

I know, I know. Where you been sis? I don’t even have an answer honestly, BUT I’m back. This past weekend I packed up my entire wardrobe, no literally and took a road trip to NEW ORLEANSSSSS (insert Oprah applause gif here) to meet my framily. My visit consisted of nothing that I planned on doing, a ton of walking, and of course the food. During my stay I stayed at Le Méridien New Orleans. I think I’m going back just to stay at the hotel alone. It was BEAUTIFUL and the staff was so friendly to my family & I. I arrived Friday night, and shortly after getting settled, we headed out for dinner at Felix’s Oyster Bar off of Bourbon St. I had a seafood platter that I barely put a dent in, idk what I was thinking ordering so much food. It all worked out in the end though. I walked everything off by the time we hit Bourbon.

Seafood Platter – Felix’s Oyster Bar

Saturday consisted of sight seeing, brunch at Kingfish, and beignets from Café Du Mondé. Seriously, fat girl heaven. After brunch we walked a thousand miles, which led us to Jackson Square. I promise I had so much content that I wanted to show you guys, but it happens. Next came the LauLarie Mansion. Although I didn’t get a chance to go inside, I was still excited to actually be in the presence of it. A quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know about this mansion, but if you’re being lazy then I’ll give you a quick history.

Brioche Pain Perdu – Kingfish New Orleans
Beignets Jesus Made Himself – Café Du Mondé

The LauLarie Mansion was once owned by Marie Delphine Macarty or Delphine LauLarie. LauLarie was a well known socialite and slave owner during the early 1800s in New Orleans. Although known as a respectable socialite, LauLarie is notoriously known as being a serial killer. It’s said that LauLarie had over 100 victims, but one fateful day in the Spring of 1834, a fire was ignited by a slave who had been chained in the kitchen and forced to cook for LauLarie and her guests. The slave had hoped that the fire would consume her and the mansion in hopes of exposing the inhumane living conditions the slaves endured. When the fire was controlled, bystanders began to speculate the whereabouts of her slaves, and a search party ensued. The search led to the third floor of the attic where they found seven slaves all mutilated and disfigured. This led to an a mob forming outside of her home and destroying everything including the fine china she cherished so much. Although slavery was a thing back then, there were still laws that were put in place to protect them. The discovery sparked an outrage and LauLarie along with her family fled the city. She was such a charmer, that when reports of her mistreating her slaves got out the state supposedly did welfare checks on the slaves. LauLarie would charm the social workers into thinking nothing was wrong. It was all a facade clearly. I really could go on and on about how much of a sick person she was, but til this day her grave still hasn’t been found. TBH I think we can all guess where her final resting place is. I wish we could have had a chance to tour the inside, but it’s said that the house is seriously haunted so no tours are allowed anymore. The home even served as an apartment complex once, that is until the property manager turned up brutally murdered in his unit. Nicholas Cage also owned it briefly. He only spent ONE night in the house with his scary ass. We even had a pedestrian to tell us to not stand too close to the house! The people of New Orleans truly believe that til this day there is some evil residing in that home. American Horror Story did the story no justice! It was such an exciting moment to just be a part of NOLA history for a moment.

With Love As Always,

A Dose Of Jasmine. 😘

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