LightRails: The Rainbow Tunnel 🌈

I don’t know when or how I discovered this place, but I’m so glad that I did. Located in the heart of Downtown Birmingham near Railroad Park resides Light Rails, better known as the Rainbow Tunnel. I’ve wanted to visit this particular spot for years, even drove through it once, but for safety reasons I never stopped. When I launched ADOJ in June, it was on my list of local destinations to visit and blog about. Three months ago I had no earthly idea where my imagination would lead me when it came to shooting this location. iPhones in hand, my friends and I set out to get a few shots here for my 28th birthday. The idea literally came to me a day or two before hand, my creative side was in overdrive. The dress was already hanging in my closet, the balloons were leftover from a previous birthday, and the confetti cannons were purchased for 40% off. The vision literally came to me and I knew then that it had to be done.

Light Rails debuted June 27, 2013 with the intention to enhance walkways around the Downtown Birmingham area by adding a splash of color. Curated by artist Bill Fitzgibbons, the computerized led light system can change the color and speed of the lights. Once an area to avoid, the tunnel has quickly become a destination for both locals and tourists as well as the place to get that perfect Instagram shot. Traveling from Tuscaloosa on hope and a prayer, I was hoping no one else would be there trying to get shots late Friday night. Other than a few homeless people sleeping on the opposite side of the street, we had the tunnel completely to ourselves. The tunnel offers two wide walkways for those who would like to take a stroll or you could just be a daredevil like myself and stroll through the street. Anything for that perfect shot! It’s the Virgo in me unfortunately. If you’re ever in the Downtown Birmingham area, please visit! I guarantee you won’t regret it! Take a late night stroll or drive to see it for yourself. The address is 1 14th St S, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Peace, Love, & Rainbows,

A Dose Of Jasmine. ❤️🌈

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