Live At The Plaza!

Tonight I kidnapped my friend after work and we headed downtown for a mini adventure. Before I even dive into how much fun I had, I just want ya’ll to know we almost had a problem. As we were pulling into the parking lot near the plaza, a car was leaving so Lex & I were like YES a close parking space! Then here comes this other truck speeding trying to get my damn park! Ya’ll know me, well some of ya’ll do in real life and ya’ll know how I drive. My mama ain’t raise no PUNK. We both were swerving at the same time trying to get that park. If he would’ve hit my Lexus Kia Coupe, I was going to JAIL tonight. Pretty sure I was called everything but a child of God, but guess who got the park?! I DID LMAO. Now back to Live At The Plaza!

There’s a such thing as Live at The Plaza on Friday nights in Downtown Tuscaloosa, and I just had to see what all the hype was about. Food trucks lined the streets as a well known band out of Birmingham, Just a Few Cats hit the stage and got everyone up out of their seats. The event is totally FREE, the only thing is you must bring your own lawn chair or blanket. If you’re someone that’s always cold like me, bring a spare blanket or jacket. Thankfully I live out of my car( just kidding) and there’s a little bit of everything in the trunk. Before making our way by the crowd, we stopped and got food of course! Lex had BBQ Nachos from Archibald’s while I opted for some good ole catfish from Be Gone, and yes that is the name. We sang, ate, and sang some more to be honest. I had so much fun! The band sang a little bit of everything, from Frankie Beverly to Maroon 5 and I loved every minute of it. Apparently Live At The Plaza was a big hit over the summer so they extended it into October with two more shows. I’m ashamed to say this was my first time venturing into this particular area. The next show will be 10/25/2019 and although I don’t know who will be performing, there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be somewhere in the crowd singing and definitely dancing. The addy to Government Plaza is 2106 6th St, Tuscaloosa, Al 35401. See you next week!

Love Always,

A Dose Of Jasmine ❤️

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