Thirty. 💞

I turned 30 on 09.01.2021, and while I have nothing inspirational to say I do want to share some of my AMAZING photos with you guys.

About my Photographer:

Insert the amazing Mallori Brooke here. So about two years ago I was scrolling across my for you page on Instagram or whatever it’s called and this picture caught my eye and it’s been saved in my folder SINCE. I’ve always wanted to have pictures done in Bali under a waterfall, so this was right up my alley. But, COVID. I always knew I would make my way to this darn waterfall somehow though.

I’m extra, so I originally wanted to have my photos done at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. I had everything planned in my mind and never acted on it or even attempted to book a flight. July rolled around and I started to panic. I’m really feeling the outside theme this year, but when I looked at Mallori’s site I saw she specialized in couple, engagement, maternity, family, newborn/fresh 48, + senior session, etc. Asking if she would do my shoot wouldn’t hurt though right?!

I reached out to Mallori and she responded and said she would love to do my session. I originally wanted to do a white dress, a swimsuit, and maybe one other color. She insisted on doing red and I’m so glad I listened somewhat. I searched high and low for something red and settled for a last minute set I found from Fashion Nova that was on clearance. I already had a bunch of new items in my closet including the set that I wore in my water shots. I packed them all because I can be indecisive at times.

This shoot had us so STRESSED. We originally planned to shoot on 08.21, but it got pushed back to 8.22. That Sunday morning my sister and I were en route to Atlanta when Mallori texted me in a panic and said the park changed their hours and we wouldn’t make it in time. We had literally just crossed the state line! It honestly was a relief. I didn’t have the red set that I wanted to wear like she insisted, I wasn’t able to schedule a lash appointment so I only had 3 and a possible lash extensions on each eye, my MUA was booked, and things just felt rushed. Lex & I turned it into a sisters trip and hung out for the day. Mallori & I rescheduled for the following Sunday and that was that.

Fast forward to 8.29, just three days before my 30th. I baked the entire weekend and only got TWO hours of sleep the night before. I had a 7am makeup appointment, and when I arrived there the shop was empty. I panicked of course because I suck at makeup and didn’t even want to attempt at it. My MUA had a huge wedding the night before and overslept so it pushed my time back. I wanted to leave Tuscaloosa at 9AM, I didn’t leave until 10:30. Toccoa is 4 hours away and I wanted to leave early to account for Atlanta traffic. GPS estimated us getting there at 3:48 and I was literally crying on the inside. The park closed at 4. Mallori and I stayed in contact the entire time and I honestly just wanted to capture THE shot. I honestly didn’t care about anything else. I arrived with my sisters at 3:25PM with a sigh of relief. While driving to Georgia, I got to thinking about the pink set I packed as a backup option and figured why the hell not?! Not realizing that I previously shot in pink for my 29th! It’s my favorite color don’t judge me.

Meeting her in person was like reconnecting with a long lost friend. We instantly clicked! I knew then she was gonna be stuck with me for a while. We paid the park fee and walked down to the falls only to realize they were having a wedding after the park closed at 4. There were several people visiting the park that day, but whatever. I changed into my outfit and we ventured off into the cool waters of Toccoa Falls. As SOON as we got good into getting our shots, the asshole of the century came to announce the park was closing early due to the wedding and to make our way to the exit. We kept shooting and he stood there like the waterfall monitor of the century and was like “Ok one more shot guys and then wrap it up.” We took about 5 more before leaving. I doubt if it was even 3:45PM when he approached us with the news. Plus, there’s a way to do your job without being RUDE about it.

We left and I changed out of my wet clothes into look #2. Mallori noticed a little cottage and thought it would be nice to get a few shots there and as we were talking, one of the event planners came up to us and said she had been watching us and that there were a few more spots to shoot at including a mini fall behind the cottage so off we went!

I’m so awkward at photo shoots, but working with Mallori put me at ease. I felt like a natural and my pictures are my proof. We shot at the cottage and the mini falls and it was a wrap! We went our separate ways, but due to the previous week she agreed to rush my photos so they would be ready by 09.01! The shots she showed me had me floored because I just knew that wasn’t me! She started working on them the following day and she had me HYPE. I was so glad I second guessed myself and switched outfits. The pink really did it for me.

Wednesday rolled around and she said she was finishing up so I just ran around the house all day in excitement. I was very quiet about my 30th. I didn’t plan anything, I only wanted to shoot. My friends and family were more antsy than I was. So I stalled as long as I could and then uploaded my first photo. Then the next, then the next. It was so hard picking them. I’m literally obsessed and amazed at how they turned out despite all of our obstacles that day. I’m already planning another shoot before she goes on maternity leave. Like NOW. If you’re ever in need of a photographer, don’t hesitate to contact her! She travels! Until then, enjoy the photos. More are coming soon.

Happy Birthday To Me,

Jasmine 💞

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