Beach Please! 🤬

Considering our unfortunate circumstances, I’m taking a trip down memory lane. Just a few months ago I was on the white sandy beaches of Destin living my best life, now here I am stuck in the house with some dusty 2 month old knotless box braids.

For my 28th I decided to stop being such a scary ass and took a solo trip. Now, although I’ve taken plenty of solo trips I considered this my very first REAL trip. I initially wanted to go to Bali for a week, but baby steps sis. I told myself when I woke up that morning (09/05/2019) if I found a reasonably priced hotel I would reserve a room and hit the road. Two hours later I was gassing up and heading to Destin, Florida.

I’ve frequented Destin a lot in my younger years, but never as an adult. The hotel I chose was Hyatt Place Sandestin and it was amazing. The staff made sure I was well taken care of considering it was my last minute birthday trip. They offered me free drinks at the bar, complimentary snacks, and even gave some great suggestions for dinner. This trip was completely about me and I did absolutely nothing the 3 days I was there.

My days consisted of eating Coconut Gelato from Pino Gelato Cafe EVERYDAY, visiting Old Destin and eating dinner on the docks, breezing around the outlets, and laying on the isolated beaches that I had basically to myself. The food was immaculate, and as I’m typing this, thinking about those crab cakes are making my mouth water. I’m starving!

When I say I still think about these crab cakes, I mean exactly that. I wanted to stay an extra day just for them. I even tried to get some to go, but they weren’t open yet. Not to mention that my food wasn’t expensive AT ALL! Your girl can eat sometimes, and I definitely did my part that night. I had a lb. of crab claws, crab cakes w/ corn and smashed new potatoes for less than $30. I’m all for supporting local businesses and Dewey Destin is just that. With Destin being such a touristy town, a lot of local places often get over looked. Take my advice and eat local, it’s so much better and they catch their seafood fresh daily. Not even throwing shade, but it was way better than any other food I had while staying there. Honestly, it was the best trip I’ve ever been on (other than Puerto Rico of course). I’m patiently waiting for the day when it’s safe to do so again.

As always,

Jasmine 💕

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